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Occasionally we find ourselves with overstocked supplies and binding/laminating equipment.

The machines are generally office demos or returned machines that have been completely checked out by our team and are found to be in good working order. They’re not always in the original packaging and may not have a manual, but they’re ready to do the job for you! Every now and then a brand-new machine will find its way here, just looking for a home.

If you see these offers, don’t wait! They don’t last long. Call us at 800-443-7557 if you have any questions on any of these products.

Model V110E, Punch for 4-Prong Velobind Strips

V110E Velobind 4 Prong Punch
The Model V110E 4 Hole Punch. Electrically punches up to 24 sheets of paper at a time and uses the GBC 4 prong re-closable velobind strips that open and close for last minute editing. The 4-prong strips can bind up to 200 sheets of paper at a time. This Electric/Desktop Velobind machine creates convenient great looking Velobind documents in seconds.

Office Demo Machine
Includes Free Shipping
Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
09157-85 Model V110E , 4 Hole Punch for GBC 4-Prong Strips $352.15 $168.35

CardMac Plus Business Card Cutter

Electric Card Cutter, Akiles
Akiles Electric CardMac Business Card Slitter! Quickly create your own custom business cards. Cuts 10 full bleed from 8.5” x 11” sheet. Hardened steel blades cut up to 350gsm cardstock. Finished card size is 2”x x 3.5”. Horizontal feed and adjustable side margins.

Open Box
Includes Free Shipping
Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
02154-85 Electric Business Card Slitter
Model CardMac Plus
$829.00 $439.00

OffiWire 3:1 Binding Machine

Akiles Offiwire 3:1 Binding Machine
3:1 OffiWire Binding Machine. Punches a 3:1 square hole pattern for wire bindings. Punches 8-10 sheets at a time and will close wire from 1/4" up to 9/16”. Closer provides a precise and even wire closure. Side margin control and hardened steel punching dies.

Slightly Used
Includes Free Shipping
Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
38109-85 OffiWire 3:1 Wire Binding Machine $529.00 $259.00

Thermal Binding and UniBind Covers

Thermal Covers are one-piece covers with a strip of hot melt glue in the spine area that have a clear front and a solid-colored back.

UniCover Spines are colored spines only and are heat activated that allows you to use your own covers.
Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
21206-85 Clear Front with Maroon Linen Back
Holds 65-100 Sheets
100 Covers per box
$202.80 $168.49

Copier Tabs / Pre-Printed Tabs

Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
1/5th Cut White Printable Index Tabs
8-1/2" x 11", 90# Stock, #1004
1250 tabs (250 sets) 3 HOLE PUNCHED
$169.50 $65.00
1/5th Cut, Position 1 & 5
White, 90# Index, Uncollated, Unpunched
250 tabs per box
$38.70 $19.40
30111-85 Roman Numeral XI - XX
Collated, 1/10th cut, with a Clear Mylar Tab
10 Sets per package
$56.35 $23.20

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